Selling Filemaker: How to Get the Work

Discussion created by BuzzardJunction on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by ibrahim_bittar

In the Discussions, I have noticed that a lot of beginning and intermediate level developers are having trouble finding work with the platform.  The common element that I see is they are unsure which businesses would benefit most from Filemaker, and also how to approach and sell to these businesses.  Because of this pattern, I would like to make a thread dedicated to a single subject: how to find and get the work.


In a perfect world, this thread would be the ultimate reference on how to sell Filemaker at this stage in the company’s evolution (important thing to take into account).  Those who have been financially successful - whether you are independent or work for a successful consulting firm - can share their stories and be mentors to those who are getting started on their journey. The more people use and hear about our platform, the more successful we will all be (even if there is some extra competition).


If anyone does post in this thread, I'd like to ask you to please not let it devolve into lamentations about pricing.  We have had enough of those lately.  If you've researched, you know that Filemaker is a great deal for the customer base it is (currently) trying to reach.