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FIlemaker 14 Server Reconnect Procedure

Question asked by AlexBlair_2 on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2019 by CamelCase_data


    I have a client that has 5 different plants where they use 4-5 ipads at each plant.  All the ipads access a hosted cloud at   Over the last 6 months a bug has just appeared after years of flawless performance.

    The ipads are used in warehouses at various plants around the country.  For security reasons the ipads have to use LTE which causes them to occasionally lose connection with the server.  Now, just in the last 6 months when they disconnect and reconnect 4 of the 5 plants log back in with the 5th plants location.

     I have debugged the login script and even re-written it from scratch and I know that is ultimately where the problem lies but i am trying to figure out how Filemaker 14 servers handle disconnects with automatic re-logins.   Can anyone point me to documentation on this or explain it?