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Perform Find driving me crazy

Question asked by StevieP on Jan 21, 2019
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I've been working with Filemaker for over 6 years now and scripting finds still drives me up the wall.


I have a table which lists all orders. The first thing I want, is to filter the orders based on time so I can see a specific time window. I do this with the Perform Find function with "Order::Date > $startdate" which I then further constrain with "< $enddate"


So far, so good. Now the annoying part begins. I want to constrain the remaining records by status. So I do another another constrain script step, using Orders::status == "Ready" aaaaand ... doesn't work. "No records match this find criteria".


I've been sidestepping this using "enter find mode" + Set Field and using an empty "constrain found set" but Perform Find seems to be the "right" way to go about it yet there seems no logic behind it that I can fathom and neither can I find a good guide that properly explains the logic. Can anyone help?