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Records temporarily disappearing in Tables in FMS 17

Question asked by jüho on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by badmonkey842

I have just encountered a serious problem with a database hosted on Filemaker Server 17. The last added record does not show up in a table (table view layout), despite "show all records" is set. However, the same record can be found by a search in the same layout. Shutting down the client and opening up the database again resolves the problem.


The strangely disappearing records have been generated in a layout based on a different table instance via a relation (the relation is setup to generate new records in the related table).


I am using the latest client version of FM Pro Advanced ( and Filemaker Server version


I have restored the database locally with FM Pro Advanced and uploaded again to fms, but with no success.


Has anyone encountered a similar behaviour yet? Are there other options to check or repair a maybe corrupt database?


Thanks very much in advance,