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Did .fm5 files allow AND find requests using multiple portal rows?

Question asked by itraining on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by beverly

Please see the attached sample file where a person (parent) has one-or-more favourite* colours* (child). I want to find the people who like "Cyan" AND "Yellow" which can be accomplished with a Perform Find then a Constrained Find.


However, I have a vague memory this was possible in Find Mode in FileMaker Pro 6 and earlier using multiple portal rows. In Find Mode you could:

(a) enter find criteria into multiple portal rows to construct a narrow "AND" request in the related child table

(b) duplicate the portal row find request if the portal row was active/selected


Does anyone have a copy of FileMaker Pro 6 to test this?


Just curious if my memory is corrupted or we have lost a nifty feature that took me 15 years to discover. In the sample file the Child and Child 2 relationships test if the "allow creation of related records" join option influences the find mode behaviour*.


Thanks in advance.


Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)


* no doubt annoying for the USA viewers but this is how we spell "down under" using the Queen's English.