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How do I create new field contents by appending existing field contents from another field?

Question asked by fhaydon on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by Jaymo

I'm working with a customer and trying to setup an asset tracking system.  That said, an asset that is in the system can have parts removed to create secondary assets.  What I can't figure out to do is take the contents from a field (main asset number), append it with the next secondary asset sequence in the order (aa, ab, ac...zx, zy, zz) and then write this new value out to another field.

The theory being that if the Secondary Asset # is 000001cb, the inventory control folks know instantly that this was originally came from asset # 000001.


Although I'm new to FileMaker, do grasp most of the concepts, but this one is a bit too advanced for me.  I'd appreciate any input the community can give me.