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Scripted PDF not view-able in a dynamic container field

Question asked by brenseec on Jan 21, 2019
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I have script that saves a record as a pdf and then inserts it into a container field for and work quite well.

See script.


I can export the file and open the PDF without any issues, but if I try to view it as a dynamic container field it will not start the adobe engine, see below.




But if I manually save a record as a pdf and then drag and drop the PDF in, the dynamic container field view works fine.


The only thing I can think is how the pdf is created in the script, there are not many options in this but this is how I have the initial view options. I have tried various options but still no good.



One thing I did notice is that when the record is saved as pdf through the script the file seems to be about half the size of if I do it manually, any ideas ?


Windows 10, FileMaker 16, Adobe DC viewer