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Reference a Global Rate Field

Question asked by barryweber on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by onefish

I wish to replace the individual entries of costs with the fields from the master table, so that the client can easily update their product costs from one simple master table. This project is very far along so starting over isn't desired.


I have created some "master rates" on one table. Another table lists products with dimensions and costs. The quotation part uses a calculation to get the cost based on the product selected.


I have attempted to put the field reference in place of the costs and that of course isn't working for me at all.



instead of 31.78


It of course sees the value as 77 instead of 31.78


I have attempted to change the field type from text to number and back and forth it won't "lookup" the field reference to that table.


I have probably over thought this issue and am stuck...any suggestions would be appreciated.