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Can FileMaker do this? Should it?

Question asked by gmg212 on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by wimdecorte

I'm working on a project and am curious if I could use FileMaker as my software front end.


I plan to deploy several dozen internet-connected devices that chiefly serve as data loggers. Several times a day the hardware will remind users to perform a function and will then log what was done. I expect not more than several hundred events logged per device per month and each even consists of only a few bytes. Data can be JSON, CSV or other format, and can be stored on the device as well as uploaded. Each device has a unique identifier.


I would like (1) a simple phone app linked to one device that will echo the prompts appearing on the device's screen, and perhaps allow some limited user entries as well. (FileMaker Go here?)


The more comprehensive software (2) is run on a tablet or PC (web browser ok) where supervisors can call up any single device and view its event log in a graphical format, such as a scatter graph. Supervisors should also be able to send data to the device to allow it to reconfigure itself, adjusting the reminder interval for example.


I assume the aggregate data should reside on a server somewhere, rather than be pulled from each device as needed. My FileMaker expertise ended with version 6, so I'm putting this out there for opinions. I'll eventually have to hire someone to implement this but for now I'm looking for broad suggestions and answers to a few questions.


Is FileMaker an appropriate platform to do what I need? Not so much "can it be done?" as "should it be?"

In general terms: where would data be stored and how would it get there? FileMaker on the server?

How do you see implementing the phone reminder app tied to one device, and the review software for supervisors?

What else do I need to know before hiring someone to do it?


Many thanks in advance.