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Displaying Related Records Resulting from Search

Question asked by tippin on Jan 22, 2019
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I have a small table created in Excel that contains 185 records and just 5 fields.  (I want to use it for a look up application to confirm square footage of houses being built.


The Field Names are Model Code, Builder Code, Model Name, Elevation and Square Footage.

There can be up to 5 records with identical Model Code, Builder Code and Model Name.  Different Elevations of each model will have a different Square Footage.


What I want the App to do is allow our staff to search for a Model Name, then see the different Elevations available within the model, and the correct square footage for each elevation.


I have tried playing around with Portals to show the related Elevations and Square Footage when a Model is searched for (I also need the Model Code and Builder Code to appear on the result “screen”), but for some reason (OK, the reason is a lack of knowledge, I admit) I am not doing something correctly.


Can any offer up a brief tutorial on what avenue I should be pursuing?  I’m thinking this should be well within the capabilities of FMPA, but so far only frustration.  I've attached the Excel file if anyone has time to look at it.


Thanks in advance.