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Portal Summary not working

Question asked by AitchB on Jan 23, 2019
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FMP 15


Can somebody help me, please!


I have a Portal in my Booking table layout showing: amount_credit and amount_debit from my Table Journal


The required fields are filtered in the Portal Setup with:

Journal::category = "Private Sale"


Journal::category = "Rent Received"


and sorted by date of transaction.


I have 2 summaries on the portal:

S_total_credit = Total amount of amount_credit  and S_total_debit = Total amount of amount_debit.


I have a Balance due field on the portal, which is: Unstored, = S_total_credit - S_total_debit.


THE PROBLEM IS: The S_total_credit is correct but the S_total_debit only includes some of the field amounts.