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Disfunctional conditional value list

Question asked by belg4mit on Jan 23, 2019
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I have a set of conditional value lists working in one file that I am trying to replicate in another file to no avail. If I do not restrict the value list to related fields, most of the lists work fine (one does not, but it's an outlier, so I'm ignoring it for now in the hopes that fixing the others will help).

All values.PNG

If I restrict the value list to related fields, the value list will indeed become restricted (as below, see "Device Type" in data viewer), but the new subset of values does not update when the underlying condition changes... It remains stuck until I toggle through saving the value listed without related value dependency and then re-add it, although this works in the original file just fine.

Related Values.PNG

The relationship this relies upon, is the same in both files.

Working file:

Working Relationship.PNG

Non-working file:

Disfunctional Relationship.PNG


The design intent, which works in my original file, is as follows:

I have layouts for widgets of various ::Class and ::Type stored in a table for each Class. The master table has a calculated filed _Class that pulls ::Class from the layout for the table one is currently viewing.


All of the available Types are stored in a single table, and used to display a drop-down of possibilities. When it's working properly, "show related values" uses the relationship between the calculated _Class field and the Class column of the Types table to show only the appropriate types for the current table.


Any ideas?