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FileMaker 17 on Mac Mojave with Fusion Drive = Beachball

Question asked by techgoose on Jan 22, 2019
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FileMaker 17 on Mojave with a Fusion Drive: culprit in beach-ball slowdowns??


My customer has been running the same single-user custom FileMaker solution for 7 years now.  It was originally developed FMPro 11, was migrated to FileMaker 14 when she bought a new iMac; everything was great.  Her iMac has a Fusion Drive.   When she upgraded that Mac to Mojave, FileMaker 14 broke so we bought FileMaker 17.


Ever since, her database gets slower and slower over the course of an hour, and eventually everything she does results in a beach ball for a minute or more.  Trouble ticket: FileMaker instructed us to remove the "Classic" theme, which all her stuff was built on; I did that today -- took me several hours.   It made NO difference WHATEVER for the issue at hand.   As was the case before, switching over to other apps on the Mac (putting FileMaker in the background) and then returning to FileMaker will exacerbate the slowdown, sometimes to the point of crashing FileMaker altogether (unexpected quit) upon attempting to resume working with FileMaker.


Hypothesis:  FileMaker's auto-save and Mojave's revised Fusion drive may be culprit.   To test for this I have had her move the files to an external USB3 drive; so far it IS working better but time will tell.   I am running FileMaker 17 on Mojave on an SSD on my own computer and I have not seen this problem.


Has anyone in the community seen anything like this?   Can anyone report a trouble-free single-computer installation running in FileMaker 17 on a Mac with a Fusion drive running Mojave?   Any similar troubles?


Thank you.