Two issues with quick find: multiple lines, custom action

Discussion created by alantrewartha on Jan 23, 2019

(This is me working in FMP16 btw)


I though I'd hit on a cool way to make use of the ever-present quick find toolbar item.


So I added a custom menu to direct the quick find action to a script that used Get(QuickFindText). Wrote the script to do multiple requests if it saw that the provided  text was formed like "record key serial number per line". It's quite common for someone to get say an XLSX sheet with one column being a list of serials, so highlight the row, copy/paste, boom


And it worked really well. On Mac.


On Windows only the first line registers :-(


This is "more an observation than a question" sorry, but I guess if anyone had experience of working round that shortcoming I'd be interested.


The SECOND issue is a question - in using a custom menu item to redirect the quick find to a script, the quick find doesn't keep a history of the user's recent quick finds. Is there someway to implement a custom quick find action that does keep that?