Creating Custom Email

Discussion created by kcallow on Jan 23, 2019
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We use our FileMaker as a scheduling tracking system. We have a timeline of when a customer comes in, the steps to get the customer out, and completion



I want to be able to send that timeline to customers via email without having to screen shot and pasting into an email. now I know you can save a layout as a PDF and insert it into an email. The problem is we want it in the actual body of the email.


maybe that would include making an HTML email (with a plug in) and going about it that way. If that's the case would there be a way to program the fields in Filemaker Pro into the HTML email.


In a perfect world I could create a layout to look like an email, save layout as a jpeg, and insert it in the body of an email all automagically, but the world is not perfect sadly.


any suggestions?