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Search a portal in a list layout

Question asked by ava09 on Jan 23, 2019
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Hello everyone! Havent used filemaker in a while...hope you guys can help...


I have a main table Patients which contains their information and a related table Consults, which contains details of multiple consultations a patient had.


Trying to make a layout that shows the consults for a given Date (DateFind) at certain clinic (ClinicFind). This is what I have so far using a layout based on the Consults table in a list view

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 3.12.37 PM.png


But I would also like to be able to add new consults for the given Date from this layout by searching for the patients name and creating a new consult for this patient for the day.


Here I'm using the global field LNAMEFind and created a filtered portal based on a table with a cartesian relationship with my main Patient table and placed it in a pop over. Used PatternCount function with the filter. But this doesn't work since the portal would only be populated with records from the found set that matched my previously given date.


Would you know if there is another way to achieve this? Now considering if its possible to search a value list?


Thanks so much. Really hope to hear from you guys!