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Data for March missing in a Sort by Month

Question asked by springer01 on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by Jaymo

I have two layouts (below), which, when sorted by Month provide financial data. First provides data from Table: 'My Family Trust'; Second provides data from Table: 'Total Net Worth'. Fields in the Second layout are Lookups of fields in the First. There, all fields are preceded by :: (double colon).

Names of the Fields are:

n_ser_nbr; d_date; t_symbol_1: t_fund_1: n_shares_1; n_price_1; c_bal_1.

The names for all 4 rows are duplicates except for the suffixes:_1; ;2:_3;_4.


Problem in Layout 'Total Net Worth': All fields in this Layout are Lookups of layout “My Family Trust”. Their field names are preceded by double colons ::. After sorting, the data in this layout are accurate in all months except March. For that month the data are completely missing, as shown in the following images:

“My Family Trust” layout:

Family Trust Data.png

Portion of "Net Worth" layout:

Net Worth Layout.png

Here are the data for the months of February, then March, after sorting by Serial Nbr & Date, rows below row 2 collapsed in Preview mode. (All rows below are collapsed because Fund names and data change with later months):



February 'Family Trust'.png


March 'Family Trust'.png

As can be seen there are no data in the fields for March. Fields for all other months have data in them. I've tried many things to solve this problem to no avail. Any suggestions will be appreciated!