HEIC format on Win7

Discussion created by Jean-Francois on Jan 23, 2019
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We still use Win7x64 (FMA17x32 and FMA16x32) at the office, since we upload images from iphone/ipad into our DB and with ios11+ the file format is HEIC.


Win7 can't handle that format, so the only solution I found was the free driver from that installed and allow us to view the image preview in FM and in explorer.


The problem is, if you try to work with that picture, print, export, basically just display it on a layout, FM will crash.


I contacted Copytrans... I send them a crash log from their app, nothing to be found, they told me, it must be a FM problem.


For info, if I plug my iphone into my PC, import picture to HD, then import picture into DB (since imported picture are now standard JPG) no problem.


Probably if I switch off the HEIC file format in iOS it will import images into FMGo in JPG format... but what about the 3000 images already imported into the DB (stored as external secure) ?


In my book, since explorer handle the files without any issues, it's a window driver, not a FM plugin. The patch must come from the FMI team, they are the one who can't handle the image format/driver.


Does anyone have another solution to see HEIC images under Win7? I have not found another way.