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Pop-Up Menu Becomes Unresponsive

Question asked by ByteTheBullet on Jan 24, 2019

Environment: FileMaker Pro 11, Windows 7 Professional (yes, I know, no longer supported version of FileMaker and an older version of Windows)


Background: I have a layout with two layout parts, a header and a body. The layout only has list view available. The header has a few global fields from a TO that is related to the TO the layout is based on. The body has fields from the TO the layout is based on as well as a couple of other TO's related to the TO the layout is based on. The layout is in essence replicating how a portal works, where the global fields in the header act as search criteria instead of portal filters. The TO the layout is based on has many records, and with the related TO's, performance in a portal is slow. Performance on the list layout is much, much better. The body portion displays 10 records in a full-height window on my computer (could be more or less on other user's computers based on their display size and resolution). The global fields in the header all have script triggers associated with them (OnObjectChange) which triggers a find script whenever a value in a global is changed. This all works as expected.


Issue: Once of the globals is formatted as a pop-up menu. The value list it uses stores an ID number, but displays a name. When one of the values is selected, the find script executes and returns the expected results. However, if the user scrolls down through the list of found results (assuming the list is long enough to not all fit within the current window), after a certain point, the pop-up menu becomes unresponsive. Clicking on the pop-up simply turns the field gray. If the user makes one of the on-screen records active, the pop-up menu becomes usable again. Alternatively, if the user scrolls back to the top of the list, so that the active first record is visible, the pop-up menu becomes usable again.


I have checked to make sure that nothing in the header part of the layout is overlapping onto the body part, as well as vice versa. I've confirmed that the field formatted as a pop-up is indeed a global field. I've checked the script debugger to make sure I didn't have a hung script or any script issues. Everything appears to be correct except for this behavior, which I have never encountered before. I've quit and restarted FileMaker Pro, as well as restarted the computer, but the behavior remains.


I'm hoping that there's something simple I've missed instead of this being a bug, since it's not like a bug in FMP11 is going to be fixed in an update to FMP11!


Has anyone else seen anything like this, or have a solution?