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Prevent Editing Based on Signature Container

Question asked by beinecker on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by beinecker

This question has been asked in one way or another time and time again. Previous answers have gotten me this far, but I cannot seem to write the proper script to achieve what I need. Obligatory disclaimer: I am self taught, ~1 year of experience, with a small group of individuals for a resource.


I am looking to prevent editing from text boxes (in portal, FieldNoteData) based on a signature field (in the main layout, FieldNotes). Please see the attached photo for a screenshot of the layout. Once the user inserts their signature for the day, I want to "lock" ( I know its a dangerous word in this community) but really, I do need to completely lock the fields/prevent any additional editing for the entire day due to QA/QC.


So far, I've been able to semi use a combination of "If" and "IsEmpty" as a calculation in the data validation for FieldNoteData::Note. However, this only allows me to successfully lock the field note...but it doesn't let me continue editing and adding notes when the signature container is empty. Below is what I wrote. I know its wrong, but I don't exactly know why.

     If ( IsEmpty ( FieldNotes::Signature ) ; "" ; "This day has been locked" )

I also tried the following and it produced the same result. Again, I cannot explain why it is wrong.

     If ( FieldNotes::Signature = 1; 0; 1)


My biggest hurdle with FileMaker is writing proper scripts, understanding how to make them work and why.


Also, taking the advice of our many experts here, I tried going through user credentials/security (which is honestly the ideal way of course, so "admin" can still preform edits as needed). I had the same issues as above. I am not sure how to properly write the script.


Thank you for your help FileMaker Community.


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