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Struggling To Make A Relationship Work

Question asked by poliver88 on Jan 25, 2019
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I have two layouts - Contacts and Companies (using same name tables)


On both of these layouts there's a portal where you can view/create records from another table called Credentials


There's a relationship between
Contacts::ContactID    - Credentials::ContactID           and
Companies::CompanyID - Credentials::CompanyID


So on Contacts layout i can view Credentials that have a ContactID and
on Companies layout I can view Credentials that have a CompanyID


Problem arises on Companies layout as I don't want to view only the records that have CompanyID to them
I would also like to view records with ContactID but only if they have CompanyID attached to them in the Contacts table


I tried to create a relationship with a calculated field on the Credentials table that didn't seem to work :/