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Help with variable date contained in filename of third party download

Question asked by garyjones on Jan 26, 2019
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Ironically, in part, this is a reverse of my question posted yesterday.


I have a script that locally saves and then imports a third party-created Excel file - the name of which incorporates a reformat of my project name on the third party project site, which I also store in my database and use the result of a calc field Let statement as the $Variable for the filename in the scripted post-download import process.


Historically, the project name on the third party site, and stored by me was, "Editorial One - Music and Health. Job No: MH001". This was incorporated into the Excel download file name resulting in, "Editorial-One-Music-and-Health-Job-No-MH001.xlsx".


Therefore, to create my $Variable I used the following Let statement to parse the relevant field contents, the result of which matched the required name for the download file -



a = Substitute ( Admin::EditorialOneProjectName; ["-" ; ""]; ["." ; ""] ;[":" ; ""]);
b = Substitute ( a; [" " ; "-"]);
c = GetField(MailparserDateFormat)

b & ".xls"


However, as of today the Excel download file name now includes the date and an additional separator - "Editorial-One-Music-and-Health-Job-No-MH001-2019-01-08.xlsx".


I've tried a number of options in the Let statement based attempting to change the GMT format using Get(CurrentDate) but to no avail - the requirement being to convert the result from "DD-MM-YYYY" to "-YYYY-MM-DD"


I've searched the forum and couldn't find anything other than a suggestion for a function to deal with this requirement at the data level rather than just display - which seems sensible.


As always any guidance or help appreciated.


Finally, does anyone know where I could get a PDF that goes into more detail re. Filemaker's functions etc? I've got one for SQL and scripting but, though I've only had a quick search, can't find anything.