Saving Layout Changes

Discussion created by dburnham on Jan 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2019 by Fabrice Nordmann

This is not specific to FileMaker 17, it's actually something I have been curious about for several versions.


My FileMaker Preference under the Layout tab is set with this option turned on:  "Save layout changes automatically" (do not ask).   On any particular layout, I also have the option chosen for "Save record changes automatically"


Nevertheless whenever I switch from List View to Table View, or vice versa I see a dialog box that asks me if I want to save the change with the layout.   I find this confusing because it does not clearly explain what "this change" means.


I'm tempted to believe that "this change" refers to the default option for the layout's View state.  But that cannot be true because even when I select NO as my response to "do you want to save?" the default view becomes changed anyway.   So I don't know whether "this change" might be referring to something else.


It can't be some other change made on the layout before switching from one view to the other because I see the dialog box regardless whether any changes have been made or not.  And if it is asking proactively about any changes I might be making to the layout after changing the view, how would it know?


Seems to me something's not right.