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Go to Related Record-Help

Question asked by ChuckCoughlin on Jan 27, 2019
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I am new to FileMaker and the concept of "Go to Related Record" is very confusing.


I have attached a sample FM database-"RelatedSample" to help clarify.


Goal: Type a list of part numbers into field LookupList(global) of table Related and have "Go to Related Record" only show those part numbers within the table Part Numbers and layout part numbers.


What I have done:


Part Numbers & Related


Part Numbers Table==>Fields: Part Numbers(Text)

Related Table==>Fields: LookupList(Global)


Part Numbers = LookupList


Lookup: Go to Related Records; From Table: "part Numbers"; Using layout: "Part Numbers" (Part Numbers)]

Buttons to Activate Script--

Layout Related--Lookup Button above List box


I have tried to make this example as simple as possible so hopefully, I can understand the concept of how Go to Related Records works.



Thanks for your advice and help in advance.