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Using FileMaker on a Database Server

Question asked by sams on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by Fabrice Nordmann

Hello all,


Does a FileMaker Server license include a Pro Advanced deployment?


I have some outside contracted employees that will need to access our FileMaker Databases. Problem is sometimes the files are too large or sensitive that they've been advised not to move them off the server to use them locally. So I am wondering, does a standard FileMaker Server license allow a user to work in FileMaker on the server device, or will I need to assign them a separate FM User license in order for that to work?


If these contractors already have a user license that their company owns, do I still need to assign them one of ours?


A semi-related question. If I need have more than one full-time employee (non-contract) using FileMaker locally on the Server device, is that okay if the users themselves have a user license. Would I need to assign a specific user-license to that Server device as well?




Sam S.