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What's the best way to maintain daily backups of our FileMaker database with less frequent backups for the external secure storage RC data?

Question asked by SamRiggleman on Jan 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by wimdecorte

Our bandwidth is very expensive and maxed out at maybe 10 Mbps at night when nobody else is using the connection.


Our core database files amount to about 1-2 GB while external secure container storage amounts to roughly 10-15 GB with a projected 10GB of growth per year. Lightning strikes can be very severe in our area, so I prefer to maintain cloud backups as a secondary backup due to the critical nature of the information. If we were ever to lose even a day of data, it would have significant detrimental impact.


With that said, I'm looking for the most robust backup approach given our desire to also conserve bandwidth. I'm new to switching to external storage and also new to progressive backups, so I don't have experiential confidence built up with either of these yet. Are they as reliable as scheduled backups with internal storage? We have thousands of containers backed up and a lot of folders as a result. The RC Data caused issues in Dropbox previously, so we recently installed iDrive and schedule a backup at night.


I see these as my two primary options:

1) Maintain two files, one for our data and one for containers. Schedule cloud backups of the core data file daily and backups of the container file weekly. Downside would be managing accounts between both files, and I'm not sure how performance compares to this approach compared to external storage. Benefits would be no reliance on external container storage and always a clean backup of both the core data file and the container data with the frequency determined by us.

2) Keep one file with secure external container storage. Backup the progressive backup to the cloud each day (not sure what the best tool is to do this to only backup the new data) and then backup a weekly scheduled script folder once a week.


What do you recommend? Perhaps another option I haven't listed. A tool that enabled us to only upload the new info each night would be ideal as long as it's reliable.