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Conditional Formatting, 1 and 0, in Find Mode on Popover

Question asked by gfsymon on Jan 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by gfsymon

I have a Buttonbar that I'm using to replicate a Checkbox Set.  Formatting for a Buttonbar has some limitations, but adding Conditional Formatting works fine.  I have a field containing 1 or 0 which is used for the Conditional Formatting.


The Buttonbar is on a Popover.

In Browse Mode, the Conditional Formatting behaves as expected.

In Find Mode, the Conditional Formatting is activated for the 0 Segment.

The 1 Segment is not affected.


I have a separate Buttonbar on the same Popover, whose Conditional Formatting is activated by text ... words.  This Buttonbar has no problems.  So it's just the 0 Segment and only in find Mode.


I have tried substituting  1 and 0 with 1 and 2.  This fixes the problem.


Can anyone explain to me why this happens (the logic) and if there is another logic I can use which will work with 1 and 0 in Find Mode?  (My logic is simply ... if the field = 0 ... apply formatting)