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Simple way to wrap call to FM script into custom function

Question asked by kimmpo on Jan 27, 2019
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I need to implement a change of barcode plugin in a database, in order to move from 32 to 64 bit.

Currently we use SFR barcode plugin. The field for the barcode image is an unstored calculation, calling thar barcode function.

I would like to use Geist Barcode Generator.

Is there a simple way to wrap the script "Render Barcode as Base 64 ( dataToEncode )" into a custom function, so it can be used just like sfrbc_Barcode( Barcode ) .


I thought using BaseElements function "BE_ExecuteScript ( scriptName {; fileName ; parameter } )" but it does not return script result directly to be used.

Ideas and suggestion would be appreciateed :-)

2019-01-28 07_50_05-Manage Database for “BarcodeTest_19” - __Remote.png