Auto populate a container with a flag

Discussion created by hectorpascal on Jan 28, 2019
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Hi everyone,


I would like to make use of some little graphics of countries' flags in my FMPA solution. I have made a table called Performances. In this table, I have records containing fields that describe performances of my music compositions; the fields are score title, performer, conductor, date, venue, country, etc. I also have a container field called Flag in which I can put a small flag of the country in which the performance takes place.


Is it possible for Filemaker to automatically put the correct small flag in the container field when I fill the Country field?


For example, if I select France for the Country field (using a value list that I made consisting of the names of countries), can Filemaker then automatically put the flag for France in the Flag container field?


I suppose I will need to create a table of countries' flags to call upon. Also, I guess I will need to come up with a calculation that will allow the flag container field to auto-populate upon commitment of the country field.


Thanks for any help! I am a beginner Filemaker user and I have done a few hours basic training online (Udemy).