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FMP 11 Client-Side Excel .csv Import Problem

Question asked by jhh on Jan 28, 2019

Filemaker Pro 11 is running on two Windows 10 computers connected as Host and Client over a network.


The script to import data from an Excel .csv file utilizes the following script step options:

1. Un-Checked - Specify data source - File

2. Checked - Specify import order, Import Action

     a. Select - Update existing records in found set

     b. Checked - Don't import first record (contains field names)

3. Checked - Perform without dialog


When the Import script is run from the Host computer, and the desired .csv file is manually selected, the Excel first row field names are not imported and the second row with the data is imported as expected.


When the same script is run from the Client computer, the Excel first row field names are imported and not the second row data.  To get the proper result, I have to leave the check box for "Perform without dialog" unchecked and then manually, from the "Import Action" group, check the box for "Don't import first record (contains field names)" to get the proper data imported.


Is this caused by a defect in FMP 11?  I can't figure out why this is happening.