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Summary field including non-selected records

Question asked by kbeeg on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by marthazink

I am working on an invoices report where I am wanting to do a report to show totals for any given month's invoices. At this point I have a line for each record, then summary totals at the bottom. I have a date search script so I can put in the first and last days of the month, but I am wanting a running total of all invoice amounts as well, but I can only get it to show the current selected records.


Is there a way to summarize from a field across records being browsed as well as not browsed?


I attempted a global calculation field, but I cannot get that to show anything. I guess I could do a script to select all records, set a variable of that amount, then find the date range and write the amount in a separate field of some sort?




I am somewhat of a beginner... so, go easy