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Platform v17, webviewer in list view doesn't render properly

Question asked by mukai on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by mukai

Hi FileMaker Inc,


I'd like to report a bug (I think it is a bug in my opinion). See the attached screenshot and video.


The issue requiring attention is using webviewer in list view.


As you can see in the screenshot, there is one blank webviewer and the other isn't under the red arrows.


I can assure you there is data in all the webviewers in the video.


The issue is that sometimes the content won't show up or rendered (therefore appear to be blank) when user is scrolling.


Each webviewer is showing the data from a text field (stored text) in each record. There is no related record or unstored calc to perform.


The blank webviewer could appear randomly. I cannot seem to find any decisive factor or logic to force this issue occur 100%.


The content in that text field is a generated text string in html format by using getascsc(text field)).


I know many of fellow developers would say this use of webviewer is very very demanding to the system (webviewer + list view). This is the best solution I could come up with to satisfy client's need. He needs to be able to have the flexibility to see a lot of info about his work on iPhone screen. The ability to pinch-in, pinch-out and scrolling in each webviewer is ideal for his use case. He is happy about the design just not the bug.


And you know webviewer sometimes offer you a refresh button in the top right corner to allow you to manually refresh. In this case it doesn't happen at all. User waits indefinitely and no content shows up. If it is a case of requiring system to spend longer time to render and display then it would be acceptable user wait for a longer while for content to show up. But in this case nothing but a blank frame.


Any questions, comments welcome.


Device: iPhone XR 256GB. (Literally couple days old. User was on an iPhone7 32GB same issue occurs).

iOS: 12.1.3 (latest when this post is lodged)

FileMaker-Go: 17.0.5 (latest when this post is lodged)

FileMaker-Server: (latest when this post is lodged) running in AWS but not FileMaker-Cloud

Workaround: No workaround identified. Can only restart FileMaker-Go and hope


Video link: Dropbox - WebViewer Blank Bug.MP4