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Platform v17, webviewer in grid view, card window rendering

Question asked by mukai on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by mukai

Hi FileMaker Inc,


2 bugs to report here.


(1) Last record containing a webviwer and a button bar disappears in a Card window

The layout shown in the screenshot under the red arrow is a Card window in list view. The last record very often (about 8/10 times) disappears after a find. The button bar doesn't have any invisibility included. It is just a button I want it to show up all the time. But most strange part is even the webviewer would disappear sometimes. I know this design is a very demanding design to the system (list view with 3x webviewers on each row, then Card window on top of it). This design satisfies client's need. It is acceptable for system taking a bit longer to render but missing the last record is making user hard to use the system.


Video link: Dropbox - iPadPro BB n WebViewer rendering



(2) Webviewer rendering in grid view:

I don't have a video directly showing this issue. You can sort of see that issue in the video embedded above. As you can see there are 3x webviewers per record in the list view. Once again as use scrolls through the list of records, very often the webviewers are blank. It requires user to tap the manual refresh button in the right top corner of each webviewer in order to force the content to show up. In this case, every time when user taps the manual refresh the content does show up. The expectation is that the content in each webviewer would show up by itself WITHOUT user tapping the manual refresh. Once again I know many fellow developers would say this is design demands crazy amount of system power and drives a lot of data (webviewer in list view + 3x webviewer per row for grid purpose). Once again this is how the client wants the solution to work. He wants the flexibility to pinch-in, pinch-out and scroll data in each webviewer when he needs to. It is acceptable if system takes a bit longer to load the info but very often user needs to tap the manual refresh button in order to force it to reveal the content.


Any questions, comments welcome.


Device: iPad Pro MPA42X/A, 256GB

iOS: 12.1.1

FileMaker-Go: 17.0.5 (latest when this post is lodged)

FileMaker-Server: (latest when this post is lodged) running in AWS but not FileMaker-Cloud

Workaround: No workaround identified. For (1) can only retry and retry hoping it will render properly this time. For (2) can only tap manual refresh like a maniac so data is revealed.