Corrupt file/File Recovery/Indexing

Discussion created by wcallman on Jan 28, 2019
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In the past I have posted about remotely downloading and the file was corrupt.


There were many potential solutions which none of them worked. The problem was stumbled upon when a print of serial numbers identified 326 records had two records to the same serial number, The reason I am leading with this is that the way a I got a good recovery was downloading a back up to a thumb drive and recovering from the thumb drive. If I copied the file to my hard drive, the recovery failed. Just an fyi.


After reading about indexing and all that it does I want to turn off indexing, and then turn it back on, which based on what I have read in the forum is a good thing to do in a situation like this. My question is:

If I turn off indexing, do I have to close the file to clear caches etc. or just turning it off and back on is good enough?


It is more of a question going forward. I already closed and turned back on. Thanks for any insight or new info.