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Field for YTD volunteer hours

Question asked by DaleLyles on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by DaleLyles

I'm creating a sign-in system for an organization for which I volunteer.


When volunteers sign in, they're asked to input the number of hours they'll be there. Elsewhere I have a calculation field that totals the number of volunteer hours.


What I need is a way to have a calculation field (not a script!) that gives me the hours for just this calendar year, i.e., since Jan 1 of the current year. Yes, I could do a report that simply finds this year's sign-ins and calculates that, but I want the sign-in page to greet them with the number of hours they've volunteered this year with the total hours in parenthesis.




Welcome back, <<People::Full Name>>.


You're checked in on {{CurrentDate}}.


You've volunteered <<People::Volunteer Hours YTD>> hours this year (<<People::Volunteer Hours total>> total)!


How many hours will you be here today?


Anyone have a way to do this? I will continue plunging around in the calcs area to see if I can find a way.