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Newbie question about fields from multiple tables in one layout

Question asked by AntonioS on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by badmonkey842

Hello !

I'm new to Filemaker but I have been working with databases since the '90s coding in C/Pascal and SQL directly or using an obscure tool called Genexus.


I have a very simple problem but I'm struggling to figure how to make it work in FM 17.

For example, I have 3 tables:


Table 1:

PK_table_1 (primary key, unique, blah blah)

TBL1_FIELD1 (text)


Table 2:

PK_table_2 (primary key, unique, blah blah)

TBL2_FIELD1 (text)



Table 3:

PK_table_3 (primary key, unique, blah blah)

TBL3_FIELD1 (text)



Table 2 is related to table 1 by PK_table_1 (1:N)

Table 3 is related to table 2 by PK_table_2 (1:N)


I would like to make a simple form with 3 drop down lists, side by side, like this:




TBL1_FIELD1 stores, for example, animal classes like Mammals, Reptilians, Birds, Etc.

TBL2_FIELD1 stores, for example, animal type like Dogs, Cats (for Mammals) and Sparrow, Eagle (for birds)

TBL3_FIELD1 stores, for example, animal race like Chiuaua, Schnauzer (for dogs), Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle (Birds)


If TBL1_FIELD1 is empty, TBL2_FIELD1,TBL3_FIELD1 must not accept data

if TBL1_FIELD1 is valid, TBL2_FIELD1 must show related records or accept a new one

if TBL1_FIELD1 and TBL2_FIELD1 are valid  TBL3_FIELD1 must show related records or accept a new one


This is extremely simple to code in C, Pascal or even in Genexus, but honestly I don't have a clue about hot to do this using FM 17.


Thanks for your attention