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Conditional formatting of Repeating Field Borders

Question asked by 34South on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by 34South

For aesthetic reasons, I want to hide blank repeating parts of a field with the exception of the cell immediately following the cell containing an entry. For example, if the field has ten repetitions but only the first two contain data, repetitions four through ten should be hidden. I have achieved this by specifying a conditional format based on the following formula:


IsEmpty( GetRepetition ( TABLE::FIELDNAME ; Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber )-1)) and setting the field background colour to transparent as opposed to the default white.


Unfortunately, this does not allow one to turn on borders between the repeating cells, as that also applies to those cells hidden by the above formula, thereby making them 'visible' and defeating the purpose of the conditional format.


Is there a simple way to overcome this?