Double Click Problem

Discussion created by sabau on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2019 by user19752

The problem appears when the user does a double click on a button which calls a script having a Pause/Resume script step in it.

It does not matter if the Pause is set to  0 seconds, 0.2 seconds, 1 second  or another value;


the script will pause indefinitely.


This side effect of 2 pause/resumes hitting each other and detonating into an infinite pause can be devastating.


- If the user single clicks the button once more, it will pause again

- if the user double clicks again, it will pause AND add another script run to the call stack.


If the status toolbar is not shown, the user has absolutely no clue as to what is happening. He won’t be able to select any other window, (Filemaker will bing at him), most menu items will be  greyed and to his eyes Filemaker will appear as “frozen”.


He will be able eventually get out of this by hitting 1-n times the Enter key, depending on how many script runs were stacked.

Sometimes he will call us, sometimes he’ll force quit Filemaker and re-enter the solution.


Note that the magic mouse delivered by Apple might trigger a double click even if the user did not mean it.


We do need these Pause/resume scripts in situations where Web Viewers do not update timely or in other similar situations - it’s a trick going way back in time.


Our solution is to end every such script with a Halt script step, but it’s not something I fancy for obvious reasons.


I don’t know if everybody can call this a bug, but it does look like one to me.


See attached example.