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Serious problem! First portals are suddenly empty, then FileMaker hangs

Question asked by TriasDigitaalAmsterdam on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by TSGal

Windows 10, version 1809, FileMaker Pro 16 en 17.

Databases hosted on FileMaker Server.


After the Windows update of around January 14, it regularly happens during a session that portals in FileMaker Pro are suddenly empty while they shouldn't be empty, were not empty, and are not empty on other PC's.

And then, sometimes immediately, sometimes after a while, FMP hangs, and the top of the window shows 'FileMaker Pro does not respond'.


It's not a crash.


This problem doesn't occur on Windows 10, version 1803, latest updates -

with FMP14 and 16. Not tested with FMP 17.


Installed plug-ins (on all machines the same)

Troi File - v.

Troi Dialog - v.7.0

BaseElements 4.0.3


The plug-ins were updated to these versions after this problem occurred, but it didn't help.


Do others have this problem too?

Any idea if it is FileMaker Pro or one of the plug-ins?