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Issues with FileMaker DB shortcut and Azure AD SSO

Question asked by on Jan 30, 2019
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We have been using FileMaker for many years deploying a simple shortcut to all users that opens the database up automatically using the following format:




This works great and is tied into our Windows Active Directory so that users login automatically.


We now want to open up our database to the world and integrate it with Azure AD for off network users. This is all configured and works great. However, I think I have discovered a bug where it refuses to work with the shortcut if the FileMaker client isn't already open.


When using Azure AD Authentication, it seems the token doesn't hand back to the FM client when opening the DB from the shortcut and the FM client isn't already open. However, if the client is already open (no servers need to be listed in the hosts), and then you click the shortcut, it passes the token from the browser to the FM client and the database opens fine.


Are there any known issues with a Microsoft sign in and accessing databases directly from a shortcut?


We are running FileMaker Pro