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Attachments when SMTP mail script step called via FMS script schedule

Question asked by vision on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by beverly

FMS 17 running under Mac OS.


I likely have missed the answer to this question despite searching previous posts.  Besides using plugins, can a FM script with a send mail step that includes an attachment if it is run successfully under FMS?


For example, a simple test script sending out an email with a attached PDF whose location is set by a variable works fine when run under FMP.  Calling the script as a FMS schedule however simply generates the email with no attachment.  I assumed it was a UNIX permission issue, but locating the attachment in the FileMaker Server Data folder or in a folder whose permission are set to 777 still does not result in the attachment being present. The file to be attached is generated fine when FMS calls the script, it just can not attach it to the SMTP email.  When FMP on the server is asked to perform the script the email includes the attachment.


I am sure there is something simple I am over looking.