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Query Relationship for Dashboard Reporting?

Question asked by wecandeb on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by techt

I have a contacts database with donation child records. My goal was to first create a dashboard that allows the users to request selected donation data. I have successfully done this with donation records:

Now I want to do another dashboard, but I need to list the top donors--say 30--for a particular year with their total amount donated for that time frame and category. Also, I need to have the years across the top--maybe 5 years' worth, so that the user can compare donation history for each donor. If there is a way to do it using table occurrences, I can't figure it out. I do have a sub-summary report, but the users need an on-demand mechanism and having the year data side by side seems like it's not something I can do with a sub-summary report. Once I've gotten the data correct, I plan to add a chart to the dashboard.

I have watched many tutorials, but before I begin to try Execute SQL, Excel Injector or Virtual Lists, I want to be sure there isn't an easier way? Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Debbie Todd