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Value List Concatenation

Question asked by ppinc on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by weetbicks

I have 2 tables a Room table and I have a value list table that uses enumerations (enum) as the key and a name field. 

I have value lists based on the enum but displaying the name field (unrelated to the room table).

So as would be expected the enum is stored in the Room::category field that uses the value list.


How would one concatenate the name field of that value list in the room table where the value list is used.


ValueList::enum actual data= 206

ValueList::name  displayed data = Bathroom


Room::name date = Master

Room:category data = 206


Do not know where to start all I get is Master 206 when I concatenate.


The result I am looking for is "Master Bathroom"


Thanks in advance for any guidance.