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How to colour code Parents, Child and sub-child records.

Question asked by on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by beverly

Hello Community.


I have a like a products table. Now a product can be made from a different product table within the same table and that can be made from different table within the same table.


So I have a Parents, child and subchild scenario.


Here is example.


So product 1399 is made from product ID 1400,1401,1402 and also (1403).

1403 is component of 1402 which is than component of 1399.


So I have parent (1399), Child (1400,1401,1402) and subchild (1403).


What I would like to achieve is color code them by group.



So all of the above should be brown; because they all like either parent , child or subchild.


The way I'm doing is having some object hidden calculations in color boxes. I can get product and it's child to be color codded same. However, if one of the child has another child; than it's not showing the right color because it falls outside of parent child calculation.


What is best way to group them so if we have a structure like above table; we can show same color for box in portal.