FMS17 changed the way of saving PDF's?

Discussion created by bbatechniek on Jan 31, 2019
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Hi we're working with FMS17 and FMP17. We do have a PHP API script to upload pictures, data and documents to our website. Since updating to FMS17 our data and pictures are uploaded correctly and visible at our site. But our pdf's are not. PDF's uploaded before FMS17 are still visible on our website, but PDF's uploaded since FMS17 are not.

Strange issue is that pictures always starts with /fmi/xml/cnt/…, which is an internal path in FileMaker –even when the files are saved externally.

The pdf paths always starts with, which is an external path – this is for internal aswel as external saved pdfs. Shouldn't containers use the same logical for saving?.The external url's… are resulting in an ‘Unauthorized’ error , because the data isn't accessable by the PHP linking.

I didn't change a thing in saving options. Can someone tell me what to do to change the way of saving the pdf's in FM? this is how FM saves containers right now.

saving containers.png