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Field value not displaying correctly, getting 9.9077e+09

Question asked by smcfeeters on Jan 31, 2019
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I must be missing something very simple, but I have a field that for 1 of 3 values does not display the value correctly.  The first field in a portal is supposed to display FULLNAME.  This field is the concatenation of 2 values from linked tables.  For the first 2 rows it works.  For the 3rd row it displays 9.9077e+09.  If I click the field, it shows the correct value, but as soon as I leave the field it returns to 9.9077e+09.  I have expanded the size of the field way beyond the value to be displayed, but cannot get it to render correctly.


I have attached screenshots of the layout, showing the way the field is displayed.

Please advise.