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FM Server lost 6 hours of work

Question asked by colind on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by jkrichton

Bizarre problem one morning last week:

Client machines could not open databases from the server.

Remote access not working to the server machine.

Directly on the server all seemed normal.

Opened the fm server admin - all databases running OK.

Thought, maybe there was a disk error on the server ?

Ran check disk - found one or two errors, but otherwise OK.

Restarted the server.

Opened again the fm server admin - all OK and databases again accessible from client machines.

All fine therefore, no restoration from backups needed  - apparently.

But, the fm file states were back to the previous midday - all the work from the previous afternoon had gone.

Otherwise, the server and fm working normally and stable since that day last week.

HP Proliant gen 5 / fm server 11


What I do not understand is how the fm server could work normally the previous afternoon, stop the following morning and reset to the state as at the previous midday - all without any intervention. 


Has anyone else seen this kind of event and /or can explain it ?