Peter Wagemans

server side script: error 1 when performing commit

Discussion created by Peter Wagemans on Feb 1, 2019

There seems to be a problem with the way FileMaker Server handles the error when commiting a created related record in a server side script. In the FileMaker Server Event log, this generates an error (1) which means "user canceled", but when I log the error myself in a field from the script,  I get a "509", which is a data validation error.

And here comes the kicker: there's actually no error condition, and performing the script on the client side generates no error at all. And another nice one: the record is actually created!

This is a psos script, so there are no credential differences involved, no plug-ins are used either.

The script performs in a loop, and all of a sudden it decides to generate errors for the record creation, allthough there is no reason for it.

I changed the commit script steps to skip data validation, and the script now performs correctly on the server. Again, no reason why there is a difference why this should make a difference, since it worked already well on my client.

This is a server and a client


I don't think this server side script should generate a error 1, or am I missing something? I am not waiting for the completion of the script from my client.