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Scripted Filemaker Exports on MacOS using POSIX paths starting from /Volumes/ - Possible?

Question asked by Devon Braun on Jan 31, 2019

Is it possible to script an export to a POSIX path beginning from /Volumes/


I'm aware of the current options:




I've been building OS-operating solutions for years, and I'm always transitioning between several standards in the Apple universe.

- HFS (colon-separated) paths,

- POSIX/UNIX paths (slash-separated) paths usually beginning with /Volumes/,

- and FMP Export (slash-separated) paths that as best as I can tell trip up over the inclusion of /Volumes/


After years of coding to handle any and all of the above, I'm working on solution that, with 100% consistently, uses only POSIX paths with absolute paths from /Volumes/.


I haven't figured out how to maintain that lofty effort when it comes "Import", "Export", "Export Field Contents".




  likewise for file:

  or leaving off the preamble file anything.


Of course it's easy enough run a little routine to strip /Volumes/ before exporting but I was hoping for something more elegant.