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Trouble with Insert from URL and curl-options

Question asked by Menno on Jan 31, 2019
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In the European Union when doing international B2B deals within the EU it is mandatory to verify the VAT number of the company you do the business with.


So far I have used a plugin to connect to website that allows you to verify a VAT number. I wanted to get rid of the plugin and with the new and much fancier insert-from-URL it should be a breeze ..... but it isn't.


I have tried several setups with insert-from-url but none work, at all. The result always is a fault, where the real cURL is no problem and plugins like TroiURL and BaseElements also work perfectly. So why can't I get this to work with the FM-native insert-from-url?


Below I included a little demo-file that has

1) The insert from URL example I can't get working (you'll need at least FMP16)

2) An example of the code that works fine with cURL in the terminal on Mac and Linux

3) A script that uses the BaseElements plugin.


Can one of you point me to the right solution?